Wooden Hearts has proudly been making handmade furniture and home decor since 1990!

Wooden Hearts has been in business since 1990 and is based out of Cold Spring, Minnesota. Wooden Hearts started out as a family business, & several family members are still active in the business. There are numerous steps to make each of our products from start to finish! We take pride in our handmade products and are pleased to offer them to you locally, and nationally!

We have a store location in Cold Spring, MN and attend many craft shows throughout the year! For our craft show calendar, please visit http://www.woodenhearts.org/page/craft_shows to see if we will be in your area!

We also sell on-line on Etsy, Amazon, ebay, woodenhearts.org, and NOW on woodenheartsinc.com!

We are a growing business and appreciate each and every one of our customers!

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